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On each page, simply click on the quaverOh Dear! Cannot load that picture to play the clips. As you enter each page, samples you select there close automatically when the music has stopped. The clips with a red quaver are up to 60 seconds long. All others are about 30 seconds. Each page has information about the music. We have tried to keep navigation through our repertoire simple. So under "Modern Classics" for example, you will find such composers as Hess, Richard Rodney Bennett, Buxton Orr. Strangely, you will not find Horovitz or Grainger in that collection: - some composers deserve their own page - such sentimentality!

The provision of clips by Bacchus Wind Orchestra is licensed by PRS. Enjoy!

Modern Classics : Milhaud, Gregson, Hess, Buxton Orr, and much more Grainger (Children's March, Country Gardens and more!)
Horovitz (Bacchus on Blue Ridge) British and American Transcripts
Dvořák (Legends)
Russian Transcripts French and German Transcripts
Shows and Films Various Marches
Odds and Sods (Various) Other Light Concert (Various)

You can also watch us on YouTube during a rehearsal. This video clip is in honour of one of our bassoonists. The music is Guy Woolfenden's Illyrian Dances, later performed at our concert in St. Stephens Church Tonbridge on November 12th 2011.

Also on YouTube: a performance at St Stephens Church Tonbridge January 2015 of John Williams' music arranged Fantasy of Flight and of a rather unusual juxtaposition of tunes! Panthers and Wizards.

If the music stops too early, especially if you have a slow internet connection, or perhaps this is your first vsit to listen to a particular work,
try loading the page again. You should find that subsequent loads will be faster (as long as your browser keeps copies of the music in its cache).
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