Here you will find, in summary, details of our confirmed concerts.

March 11th (Sunday) at Tonbridge Parish Church: This is at 3.00 pm. (Please note revised time).
Entry to this concert is free, donations to worthy causes are welcome of course. This is a Mother's day concert - so it's for all the family!
There is a flier available for this concert. Please feel free to grab a copy for your noticeboard.

May 20th (Sunday) at 3pm at St. Mary's Church, Hadlow : Music, Tea and Cakes will be in order. Come to the concert for free. Contributions for refreshments will help support St. Marys' church community group.

July 18th (Wednesday 8pm): Eastbourne Bandstand - 1812 and Proms Firework Concert The classic promenade extravaganza, including the prerequisite works for such a night of fun. Our performance will include Fantasia on British Sea Songs, Jerusalem, Pomp and Circumstance No 1 and, of course, Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.

July 22nd (Sunday) at Alexandra Park Bandstand, Hastings at 2pm (Time to be confirmed). Our past experiences at Alexandra park have proved the worth of such a venture.

More details for all these concerts will be given when they are confirmed
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