French and German Transcripts

The transcripts from the French and German composers - many of whom showed a tendency to produce their contemporary equivalent of Broadway.
True, the works were given a modicum of respect under the banner of "Opera" or "Ballet" - this is not to denigrate them, but many of the composers featured here knew exactly how to please the listeners. Our first example is from a composer who was both French and German - that is, he was born in Germany but was French! Among those who had a strong influence on Offenbach were Johann Strauss and Arthur Sullivan

OffenBach : Orpheus in the Underworld, arranged for Wind by Lawrence Odon
From our concert at Judd School Main Hall, Tonbridge, in December 2017.
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The second set of clips is from a wonderful arrangement of Debussy's Fêtes (Nocturnes No 2)
This work has an almost insistent pulse, and yet has melodies over the top to please.
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