Holloway Die Kunst Des Fagotts

Ian Holloway wrote Die Kunst des Fagotts (‘The Art of the Bassoon’) in the early 1970’s when a student at the Royal Academy of Music. He received an award for this work in a composition competition. A similar piece for clarinets - Die Kunst der Klarinette - followed in 1980. Both pieces are sets of entertaining variations which skillfully present a well-known theme in the guise of other composers. Colonel Bogey (Alford) is the theme for the clarinets piece; this bassoons piece uses a rumbustious Scottish song.
The work is here performed by a quartet called Bassoonery who were guest players at our Concert in St Stephens Church Tonbridge, June 2012.

This variation has just a little (?) hint of a more famous work by an earlier composer!
From our performance at St Stephen’s Church, Tonbridge, June 2012.

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